Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation – Arts and Wellness Programs for Young Adults

Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation

Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation creates
arts and wellness programs for young people.

The Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation focuses on enriching local school and community programs in the areas of wellness, nutrition and arts education. The Foundation’s broad definition of the arts includes visual arts (such as drawing, painting, photography, and conceptual), literary arts (such as poetry, novels and short stories, and comic/graphic novels), and performing arts (such as music, theatre, dance, operas, magic, and film). Wellness is an integrated view of the many aspects of life that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, to the formation of a balanced whole human being who functions well in society and has a deep grounding in the spirit. The Foundation will promote integrative activities such as nutrition, yoga, movement, and mindfulness.

2019 Art Day at The Watermill Center

Springs School at The Watermill Center : a laboratory for the arts and humanities, Robert Wilson, Artistic Director A creative collaboration with The Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation Seventy students rotated among a panoply of art workshops presented by a team of creative professionals and educators. The unique and inspiring Watermill Center – a laboratory of performance, galleries and grounds … Continue reading “2019 Art Day at The Watermill Center”

Abstract Expression for Middle School: Painting like de Kooning

A series of lessons on the art of Willem de Kooning, a Springs icon, by artist Janet Jennings, expanded students’ visual world as they learned about abstract composition, brushwork and line.  The students painted in color and in black and white, then photographed their paintings, and then reduced the photograph to an abstract composition within … Continue reading “Abstract Expression for Middle School: Painting like de Kooning”

See How You Feel: Photography 2017

In the Springs School art room, Colleen McGowen’s 6th grade class received four sessions each of learning the art of photography.  Built on the curriculum in the 5th grade, thanks to a grant from the Joy of Giving Something foundation, the students had some previous experience.  In the sessions this year, they were encouraged to … Continue reading “See How You Feel: Photography 2017”

Food For Thought – Making Healthy Snacks 2018

At Springs School (East Hampton NY), Susan Blacklocke presented a dynamic nutrition unit in 5th  grade Health classes. In this particular module students learn how to make healthy snacks. They also learn the importance of reading a food label and the process of branding, packaging and distributing food products. This video features: Springs School 5th Graders, … Continue reading “Food For Thought – Making Healthy Snacks 2018”

Yoga in the Gym 2017-2018

At Springs School, Sag Harbor Middle School, East Hampton and Pierson High Schools a yoga curriculum has been brought into gym classes by Heather Hartstein.  Classes include yoga postures, instruction on anatomy and physiology, mindfulness of breath. Early on in the yoga practice students learn to use it for concentration and relaxation. They’re encouraged to … Continue reading “Yoga in the Gym 2017-2018”

Yoga – Winter 2016

Yoga instructors, Ashlynn Manning, Linda Muse and Jenna Minardi, taught a series of yoga classes to over 1200 students from K-8 grade at Springs School, East Hampton NY.  Meghan Cereola, the Physical Education instructor supervised this series. Yoga games helped her students focus their attention and improve their kinetic awareness.   The students also learned breathing and relaxation … Continue reading “Yoga – Winter 2016”